Czech Republic - Scott and Caitlin Andrews

   Here at Oak Bend, we believe that lost people matter to God and, therefore, they should matter to us. This heart's cry is not limited to our local community, but even extends beyond our nation's borders. In response to the great need in the Czech Republic -- one of the most atheistic countries in the world -- We have sent two of our members to engage and administer the grace of God through full-time ministry.

"Many of the people of the Czech Republic have dismissed Jesus Christ as irrelevant to twenty-first century life," says Scott. "Establishing open and trusting relationships in this ministry field will require a high degree of fluency in the Czech language; accordingly, we are dedicating the first two years of our ministry in the Czech Republic to extensive language study. When we are able to effectively communicate the vitality of Christ’s love, we will be able to more effectively work with Czech believers to establish culturally relevant, reproducing churches."

In order to more effectively minister to these people who so desperately need to know the Saving Power of Jesus Christ, Oak Bend has partnered with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), an organization which exists for the sole purpose of helping churches like Oak Bend send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the glory of God.

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