About Us

     Oak Bend is part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC), a group of churches and new church plants who have embraced a common vision to reach the unchurched and trust the Holy Spirit to breathe a fresh wind of spiritual vitality among every body of believers. They are dedicated to birthing new churches nationally and expanding their efforts with ministries around the world. FEC has its headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Our Mission

To reach, teach, and serve people for Christ.

Philosopy of Ministry

     Oak Bend Church exists to unashamedly proclaim the truthfulness of the Bible.  We are compelled to "embrace grace" and show it to others as God has shown it to us.  We strive to live out our faith with authenticity and transparency.  Our aim is to reach, teach, and serve others, exhibiting the joy that comes through being reconciled with God through Jesus Christ.

     Our main focuses of ministry are prayer, discipleship, and families, welcoming all generations into the family of God.  It is our intent to provide a loving, supportive, and joyful environment for adults and children, to learn the Word of God together, in a church they can call their home and with a congregation they can call family.

Our Values

Our overarching focus at Oak Bend is to honor God. We believe that is done as we are true to our mission and the values that drive all we do. In our values we unashamedly and uncompromisingly strive to be:

Biblically Based ~ We believe the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the Words of God and therefore completely trustworthy, sufficient, and the final authority for faith and practice. We will seek to stand firm where Scripture stands firm and to remain flexible where Scripture is flexible.

Christ-Centered ~ Jesus is Lord, Savior, and Head of the church. It is for Him and by Him that the church exists. We will seek to honor Him, exalt Him, and further His kingdom.

Diligent in Prayer ~ We openly acknowledge our complete dependency on God and, therefore, seek to make prayer an essential and vital part of our lives, both individually and corporately.

Vibrant in Worship ~ The chief purpose of mankind is to glorify God by loving Him with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength. We are called to a life of worship by adoration, praise, prayer, thanksgiving, singing, giving, and yielding of ourselves to Him. Worship declares God’s worth and we will seek to do so as we worship the Lord in both spirit and truth.

Community Focused ~ We desire our fellowship to be a place where all are valued and loved, unity is guarded, accountability is called for, and authenticity and integrity mark our walk.

Outreach Oriented ~ We believe that lost people matter to God and, therefore, they should matter to us. Jesus Christ, the head of the church, came to seek and save the lost. We want to encourage and strive in our individual and corporate lives to reflect His heart for the lost.

Committed to Excellence ~ We believe excellence honors God and is called for from Him. We will strive in our ministries and services to carry them out in a way that reflects well on God and His character.